Amani Spas

Your concierge service will be provided by the unmatched Amani Spas. 100% owned and operated by women and dedicated to female empowerment, today, Amani Spas is the leading hospitality African Spa brand and creator of exceptional spa and wellness experiences in sought-after destinations across the continent.

The name “Amani” meaning “Peace” in Swahili, and “Hope & Aspire” in Arabic, encapsulates the spirit of Amani’s mission to evoke a sense of “inner peace”, to enable people to reconnect with themselves and improve their quality of life through physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

It is a spa brand that is synonymous with innovation, African luxury and authenticity, in harmony with its natural surroundings, its holistic signature treatments, impeccable service and attention to detail.

From its beginning in 2006, it has been the proud winner of 12 prestigious International Spa Awards, and today, AMANI has the largest Spa footprint on the African continent.


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